Tano – historia de migrantes Ítalo-uruguayos

CLiENT: Project MEC Uruguay - Fondo Concursable para la Cultura 
YEAR: 2016
Format: 64pgg 17x23.5cm colour



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Illustrated book based on the life stories of Italian-Uruguayan migration through several generations. Based on real narration fragments, the book focuses on a young Italian man living in Uruguay and his search for his roots and destiny. The reader will travel through time as the character gets curious about his family history and learns about the history of immigrants, which is his own history and that of so many others who strove –and still strive– for a better life.

Javier Martínez (1971) A nine-to- ve misanthropic engineer and nocturnal reader and writer, he has been awarded second prize in various literary contests.
He has published articles in Uruguayan magazines Freeway and Lento as well as in Spanish Zona de obras. He also writes the blog called yerbanohay. wordpress.com.

Fulvio Capurso (1980) A trained architect, illustrator and painter by vocation, drawing teacher and researcher in visual perception and art, he has illustrated comics, children’s books and Spanish, Mexican, Panamanian, Portuguese, Italian and Uruguayan magazines. In 2008 he co-founded Rootstudio international arts and architecture workshop with João Boto Caeiro, in Oaxaca (Mexico). He resides and works in Montevideo since 2012.

He has undertaken various artistic projects and workshops jointly with the Spanish Cultural Centre (CCE), the Italian Cultural Center (IIC) and the Ministry of Education and Culture (MEC), among others. He is part of Casa Wang muralists’ collective with which he has made numerous interventions.

In 2017, Tano was chosen by the National Department of Cultural Affairs. Ministry of Education and Culture to represent Uruguay in the Bologna Children´s of Book Fair.


You can get yours here.

Tano can also be found in the following bookstores in Montevideo.

Link to Nostalgia exhibition.






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